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                   The New York Times has called Sweet Unity Farms Coffee, "The Cabernet of Coffees."

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Why Sweet Unity Farms?
If we are going to make available African coffee to truly help the farmers, we have to do it right. Simply put, we know that David Robinson, who has lived and worked in Tanzania for two decades, ensures all facets of fair trade and humanitarian outreach are being monitored and executed. We could never guarantee that by dealing with multiple vendor sources out of Tanzania.

David Robinson, A Prince of Men

Sweet Unity Farms Coffee is a cooperative of over 400 small-scale coffee farmers founded by David Robinson, son of baseball great Jackie Robinson. David has made his home in Tanzania for the past two decades; he leads a social mission of growing coffee from seed to cup. The cooperative is located in the southern highlands of Tanzania, East Africa, in the region called Mbeya.

As coffee is Tanzania's largest foreign exchange earner, Sweet Unity Farms Coffee is an effort to change a bleak reality and create a voice, window, and means of joining the world community. David, a rural farmer himself, provides the farmers as much as 25% more than "fair trade" value for their crops. 

Sweet Unity Farms gourmet coffee is grown exclusively by small-scale, family owned farms. These individuals then form farmer managed cooperatives. The groups come together to bring Sweet Unity Farms to the market, and to you.

The beauty of East Africa is legendary. So is its poverty. Tanzanian coffee farmers are often forced to sell their harvest to large corporate buyers. This series of transactions takes virtually all of the earnings away from the farmers.

Why It Works

In leveraging their unity, the coffee farmers can seek direct trade buyers from large American and European markets. The result is a Sweet Unity Farms that can invest in itself and its community.

By building direct trade agreements with distributors, Sweet Unity Farms eliminates the mid-level buyers and sellers. The results are widespread:

• Help to needy communities
• Development in impoverished areas
• Equitable pay for coffee farmers and pickers
• Direct inspection of coffee quality standards
• Better control of environmental standards
• Education for future generations
• Leadership out of poverty and into dignity


Sweet Unity Farms Coffee  -- Goes Green

Sweet Unity Farms is securing solar panels for members of the co-op. Each five-watt solar panel supplies:

  • Four hours of electricity to a single light bulb, allows children to study into the evening and eliminate the danger of flame lit (candles) lighting.

  • Continuous operation of radios and/or electronic equipment during the day allowing for communication, information, and entertainment


Up-Country International Products buys coffee from Sweet Unity Farms through direct trade. By ensuring equity between buyer and seller, coffee moves from Africa to America, improving the quality of life on both sides of the Atlantic.

Organizations linked to Up-Country International Products by direct trade agreements are committed to producing coffee excellence. They are also builders of human development. Up-Country strives to develop a part of the world were farmers are both tillers of the soil and leaders, plowmen and planners of their community’s future.

Up-Country has assisted the individual farmers that make up the Mshikamano cooperative to secure and finance solar panels, tin roofing and well water digging projects in farming villages, in large part, through its direct trade payment formu

Letter in Support of from David Robinson's
New York based Management Team

Up-Country International Products, Inc.

75 Varick Street, 2nd Floor
New York, NY 10013

April 1, 2010

Re: Chris Petrosino and

Dear Coffee Lover:

We have known Chris Petrosino for close to a decade and are familiar with the charity he founded, The DirectFund Foundation. We are supportive of Chris' business / charitable model of selling coffee grown by Sweet Unity Farms in Tanzania, Africa. To that end, has been enlisted as a certified distributor of the coffee we import directly from the farmers in Tanzania.

We look forward to the opportunity of making our coffee available to you in support of If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at or 212-239-3543.


Jerry Lewis,
Managing Partner