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                   The New York Times has called Sweet Unity Farms Coffee, "The Cabernet of Coffees."

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The Cabernet of Coffee
Sweet Unity Farms Coffee is a 100% Tanzanian blend.  Sweet Unity Farms picks only the finest arabica coffee beans. They are handled carefully, shipped as green beans to New York, and roasted there, on demand, by a knowledgeable coffee roasting family.

We are making this premium, roasted bean, a bean that boutique coffee companies sell for more than twenty dollars a pound, available to you at a discounted price.

Try a pound and you will see why the New York Times has called Sweet Unity Farms Coffee, "The Cabernet of Coffee."

Coffee From Tanzania

Tanzanian coffee is much the same as the coffee that comes from its Kenyan neighbor. Most Tanzanian Arabica coffee is grown on Mt. Kilimanjaro, but this blend is harvested from the southern highlands as well. The ultimate result - an exquisite coffee experience.

The cup has a winey, fruitful feel. Beans are blended from different regions and altitudes to produce a delicious, vibrant flavor in every bag. Sweet Unity Farms offers a coffee of perfect balance with a lively aroma and vivid flavor.  You will love every drop!

Tanzanian Coffees will generally have these characteristics:

    • Sharp initial tastes
    • Wine-like finish
    • Medium to bold intensity
    • Bright, fruited, sweet flavor