Coffeecare, Ltd. - a nonprofit corporation
                   The New York Times has called Sweet Unity Farms Coffee, "The Cabernet of Coffees."

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Better than a Win Win
A "win, win, win" situation.

1.  The Tanzanian farmers will benefit as per David Robinson's "DIRECT TRADE" policy.

2.  Coffeecare will electronically transfer all profits in coffee sales directly to Bugando Hospital, which funding will purchase specialized pediatric cancer medications to cure and treat Burkitt's Lymphoma.

3.  Local nonprofits can buy our coffee wholesale and resell the coffee and raise funds for their own special projects.


In order to increase participation in our mission, we will make Sweet Unity Farms Coffee available to local nonprofits at special rates. For information on how your group can make at least FIVE dollars for every pound you sell contact:

A message from the founder of Coffeecare, Ltd.:

We have a beautiful teen age son affected by autism. "Little Chris" is about 5'10" and 220 pounds. He can be sweet as the day is long, but he can also have behavioral incidents that bring the house down. Yet, he gives so much more to us than he takes and we are thankful he is part of our lives and brought us into the autism community.

For seven years, I was non salaried President of the Nassau Suffolk Chapter of the Autism Society of America I have stepped down to Vice President so I could spend more time on Coffeecare. However, I continue to manage an online support group of over 1,800 families. I also provide support to parents of newly diagnosed children, and help them advocate for services their children need to succeed.

A few years ago, a neighborhood beautification project wanted to purchase and plant flowers in Copiague, NY.  We heard of a local greenhouse that was staffed by disabled individuals under the guidance of behavioral psychologists. What better place to purchase the flowers? The funds we spent benefited a program designed to give disabled individuals a trade so they could become fully functioning members of society. It also helped us beautify our town. This was a "win, win" situation.

We like to think of this fund raising initiative as a "win, win, win" situation.

And the socially beneficial initiatives of Coffeecare will continue, when
you come back to purchase more coffee in the future.

Asante Sana (thank you)
Chris Petrosino, BSN, RN